Wrestlers dating

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The court of Qing Dynasty (1646–1911) held regular wrestling events, mainly between ethnic Manchu and Mongol wrestlers.There are several different versions, Mongolian, Buryatian (in the Buryatia of Russia), Oirat and Inner Mongolian .The square can be seen on pre-revolutionary paintings of Urga.A 1967 Mongolian painting shows an old Urga wrestling match in detail, with the wrestlers wearing the same "Zodog" and "Shuudag" as they do in the present-day games (1924–present).

The prizes given to the final "invincibles" consisted of goats and sheep etc.He then glanced at Genghis Khan from the corner of his eye. Belgutei understood the meaning of this, held Buri Bokh firmly, jerked him at the chest and buttocks and broke his back.Buri Bokh said with his back broken: "I never lost a match to Belgutei.The champions advanced two at a time, coming out from opposite sides of the square, accompanied by their seconds.They had their chests, legs and arms exposed and advanced doing most comic dances, certainly to ensure the elasticity of their muscles during the last minute.

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