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In 2010, he had a major role in the Robert Rodriguez's action film Machete.

In 2013, a new production of the classic play Twelve Angry Men took place at the Garrick Theatre in London, running until March 2014.

In 1986, he starred in Psycho III as Duane Duke, a money desperate guitarist.

Fahey was raised in Buffalo, New York, from the age of ten and attended Father Baker's High School there.

Fahey left home at the age of 17, subsequently hitchhiking to Alaska.

He later backpacked through Europe, and worked on an Israeli kibbutz.

In 1995, Fahey was the lead in the Trimark Pictures adventure film Eye of the Wolf, directed by Arnaud Sélignac, based on the book "KAZAN" by James Oliver Curwood.

In 1995, he starred as "Winston Mc Bride" on ABC's The Marshal.

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