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The three-day pass costs R0.00 (R 0.00 for students).One can still opt for the daily pass, which costs R0.00 (R 0.00 for students).The focus on sustainability aligns the Forum with the Sustainable Development Goals for drinking water and sanitation (SDG-6), agenda established by the UN, which sets targets to be achieved globally by 2030.The event The World Water Forum takes place every three years and is an initiative of the World Water Council, an international organization based in Marseilles, France.The program is expected to include over 200 debates during the week of the event, in addition to educational, cultural and informational activities.The news at the Brazilian edition is the Citizen Village, a free and open space for the entire population, which will feature arena debates, exhibitions, lectures, movies, arts & crafts, talk shows and a gourmet food court.“The Forum provided the Government with consensus recommendations that had buy-in from all the relevant stakeholders, incorporating the best scientific advice, yet they’ve come up with something very different.” “In putting the Forum’s recommendations to one side, the Government has undermined the good faith and trust that we put in the Forum to help address the freshwater crisis facing all New Zealanders.” Forest & Bird has been involved in the inner circle of the Land and Water Forum since its inception, over a period of nine years.

Held for the first time in the southern hemisphere, the World Water Forum is a space for dialogue and exchange of experiences and good practices related to the use of water, a resource considered by the UN (United Nations) a fundamental right of mankind.The previous seven editions of the event were held in Marrakesh (Morocco, 1997), the Hague (Holland, 2000), Kyoto (Japan, 2003), Mexico City (Mexico, 2006), Istanbul (Turkey, 2009), Marseille (France, 2012), and Gyeongju and Daegu (South Korea, 2015).In order to meet the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement, the price of a ton of carbon should be between US and US in 2020, and US and $ 100 in 2030, according to a World Bank study released by the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), in which CEBDS is a strategic partner.In an interview with BIOMAIS, Marina Grossi, Economist and President of CEBDS, reflects on the role of the sector and how the union of the business world with government is essential to the development of the country. Forest & Bird has written to Environment Minister Nick Smith and Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy to advise that the organisation’s Board has decided to withdraw from the Land and Water Forum.

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