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“It’s less hectic for me that way,” she says, “and it’s also easier for the office to keep track of their charts.” Arranging to have “alone” time “With our schedule, we have to sneak in time together whenever we can,” Bryan says.That’s why Jenny tags along on his weekly four-hour round-trip to his MBA class in Las Vegas.It’s at night (when she’s not working) that Jenny goes into overdrive.“I savor that time because it’s the longest stretch I get to myself,” she says.“He does the family’s banking and post-office runs during his lunch hour, wolfing down a sandwich to fit it all in.She goes grocery shopping every couple of days (the kids go through ten gallons of milk per week) and buys most of their clothing online.She and Bryan hardly even think about their own meals.“We have so much to do at night that we just order takeout,” Jenny says.

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The Masches, who live in Lave Havasu City, Ariz., somehow maintain a sane (if exhausting) family life with Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli, and Blake, who turned 2 on June 11.

Keeping on schedule“When you’ve got sextuplets, sticking to a routine is the only way to stay sane,” says Jenny.

She spends weekdays with the kids, working two to three nights per week as an E. physician’s assistant (Bryan has a 9-to-5 job as a sales rep).

Then there’s her thrice-weekly laundry nightmare: sorting endless pairs of tiny toddler socks.

Tackling errands Jenny and Bryan split up the essential maintenance tasks.

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