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Windsor Castle is the worlds oldest and largest occupied castle dating back to the 11th century and William the Conqueror.Since the time of Henry I (1100 1135) it has been used by the English Monarch and has undergone substantial enlargements and improvements from Henry II (1154 1189) up to the present Queen Elizabeth II who uses it as a private residence during her weekends and also for ceremonial and State occasions.On the night of 20th November 1991 it suffered a fire which destroyed some of the most historic parts of the castle included the Crimson Drawing Room, the Green Drawing Room and the Queen's Private Chapel.St George's Hall also suffered damage as did the State Dining Room and the Grand Reception Room.During the English Civil War (1642 1651) it was used by the Parliamentary forces as a military headquarters and was subsequently the place that Charles I (1625 1649) was imprisoned prior to his execution.Following the restoration of the Monarchy Charles II (1660 1665) carried out a number of projects at Windsor Castle.

During the reign of Henry VIII (1509 1547) and Elizabeth I (1558 1603) it was used extensively as a Royal Court for diplomatic purposes.The existing building is laid on the medieval foundations constructed by Edward III.The ground floor provides the service chambers and cellars, with the first floor forming the main much grander part of the palace.On a tour of the castle visitors are able to visit some of the State Rooms, although photography is not permitted.Die Adresse fr Auenwerbung Italien ist mit 11% Plakatwerbeanteil eines der fhrenden Out of Home-Lnder in Europa.

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