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DESCRIPTION:(from tru TV's press release, September 2013) There's no free parking in this sizzling series about Miami's Tremont Towing.

With 8 million people coming to South Beach to party each year, it seems every day is spring break. There aren't nearly enough parking spaces to handle all the cars.

Meanwhile, Bernice overcomes a devastating injury to forge a professional alliance with Christie that annoys the other drivers.

After a humiliating repo debacle, Kosgrove vows to pursue a healthier lifestyle and finds himself drawn into the dramatic world of online dating.

Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment system.My daughter is a huge fan of Bernice and was disappointed to find out she is only there when they are filming. Lakatronia graduated from Miami Northwest High School in 1995, she also attended Tennessee State University. According to her Linked In profile Miss Brunson works (possibly worked) for the Miami-Dade Public County School System.The official site for Parkway Middle School lists her as the SCSI teacher.Although the program is fictionalized, While there we ran up on Robbie and got to take a peek inside the office. After hearing this, the blogger in me, got to digging and this is what I found out.Yes, the company does exist and they really tow cars. He was so nice; he helped me adjust my camera, took pictures and talked with the kids. Bernice of South Beach Tow’s real name is Lakatriona Brunson.

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