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On a human level, we may want to limit God's grace to those whom we think really deserve it. It is universal, and even includes people we may not like.The book also teaches us about God's sovereignty and our obedience.Haggai Next to Obadiah, Haggai is the shortest book in the Old Testament, but its brevity does not mean that its message should be ignored.

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This study will look at Micah's message to Israel about God's judgment, hope, and repentance.

Obadiah In the introduction to this study series on the Minor Prophets we asked, "When did you last read Obadiah?

" Sometimes we think, What message could we possibly find for today in a book like Obadiah?

Yet God is willing to love her back to a position of being faithful. Joel We know very little about Joel as a person, but he was a prophet to the Southern Kingdom in the days of King Uzziah—days of unparalleled prosperity for Israel and Judah.

The Book of Joel also speaks of a natural disaster that would foreshadow the ultimate Day of the Lord.

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