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If your goal is to inspire people to volunteer their time to feed the homeless, a cute story about how your dog can bark ‘I love you’ just does not belong.

Third, fourth, and fifth, make your story highly emotional, highly sensory, and rich in dialogue.

The labore:tory is the playground of re:publica, where attendees interact, play, and get inspired by innovators who are leading the way in using their creativity and current technologies to spread their love for causes their care about.

Moreover, and more selfishly, are you now intensely curious what Richard St. To find out, you will have to watch his talk on; I cannot spoil all the fun.

I would just leave you confused if I opened a speech with “Why is it that the sky is blue?

And why is it that that a rolling stone gathers no moss? ” Opening #3: The Shocking Statement Though shocking statements most frequently rely on statistics, they can also express strong opinions that challenge conventional wisdom.

And it all started one day on a plane, on my way to TED, seven years ago.

And in the seat next to me was a high school student, a teenager, and she came from a really poor family.

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