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The bust of the founding father of Harold Institute is found broken and, because of some photos, Sofía, Bárbara, Nico, Max and Daniel are accused.The principal threatens to expel all them if the offender doesn't confess, and Daniel is worried.Jenny sneaks to the party and exchanges her mask with Sofía, thus causing a misunderstanding that leads Nico kissing her right in front of Bárbara.Bárbara leaves the party and goes to a strip club with Max, with whom she has her first time after performing in a lap dance number.Sofía reassures her, pretending to have a date with a boy just met at the beach, Daniel Parra.Jenny Parra is invited to Bárbara's eighteenth birthday party, where she's approached by the ambiguous Max Zaga: the party is ruined when Daniel hits Max for kissing Jenny.

Bárbara is dethroned and asks her mother to let her leave Acapulco, but then she changes her mind thanks to Sofía.

When Nico is spotted on the beach with Jenny, Max comforts Bárbara with a kiss, being surprised by Sofía.

The next day, Bárbara and Nico breaks, while Alicia Parra arrives in Acapulco.

Ceci then insults Daniel and, when he tells Sofía, they argue because she doesn't believe him.

Nico and Bárbara have their first time, while Jenny sees Daniel and Vanessa kissing after the ball.

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