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My car sat on a showroom floor for over 3 months B4 a customer coughed up the cash to buy it.

(It was "Pricey" with the 390 compared to a 302, and it had a few other options $$) Hope this helped...

Brought me to this post so I decided to join and reply to this...

Several pieces of info here are incorrect, (some ARE correct). Not all promotional Pace cars were built in april, Mine was built on May 4th....

The data plate on the driver's door will tell you if you have a pace car.

First; the car should have been built in April; they were all built before the Indy 500.

The statistics provided are for 68 Torino GT Convertables (5,310 units)..NOT the 709 cars optioned with the Pace Car package.

write down the vin #,go to your dmv,they may have a record on google vin #,s for 68 torino pace go to to KYLES what you got with vin#,they WILL get back in touch with it will be on the title if it was a pace luck on your search. It was definitely a 428 Police drivetrain (Aluminum intake manifold bigger Holley, Exhaust was larger than 390 pipes) we found the Ford limo shop build sheet under the carpet.

I don't have this specific data, but fair estimates based on known data indicate that about 90% of the 709 cars were 302/C4 cars.

ALL the cars were dealer ordered, meaning that the dealer checked all the option boxes, most cars were "Bare Bones" as far as expensive options were concerned, The dealers only optioned them as they thought they could sell them.

Without the Marti report, you could look at the build sheet for the car (If you can find one).

I'll attach a picture of the bottom (remarks section) of a build sheet to show you what to look for. Kevin Marti doesn't include a breakdown of pace cars in ANY report you can buy from him.

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