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I have received several e-mails and messages asking me to write a blog post about Christians marrying, and being married to, non-Christians.

This can be an incredibly difficult situation and a sensitive subject.

If one of the people you’re closest to (your boyfriend) doesn’t share or value your beliefs, then the enemy can use that as a way to distract you!

Soon you may find yourself reading the Bible less, not wanting to go to church or youth group, partying more…and ultimately your relationship with Christ would be impacted.

First I want to address those who are marrying a non-Christian.Maybe you’ve grown in your faith since you got married and what seemed like “no big deal” at first, has now become a very big deal.Maybe you weren’t a Christian when you got married, but have since obeyed the gospel. Keep looking for opportunities to show them your faith.And if Jesus is your life, why would you consider marrying someone who doesn’t understand or appreciate the most important aspect of your life?If the person you’re dating doesn’t understand the most important aspect of your life, how can they understand YOU? Finally, consider the fact that Paul even wrote that when a woman’s husband dies, she is “free to be married to whom she wishes” but he also specified, “only in the Lord” (1 Corinthians ).

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